Does the license fee include software maintenance?

All of our annual licenses include automatic software updates and bug fixes for the period that the license is maintained.

How do I update my contact details?

Contact to advise of any changes to your company or personnel nominated to receive the code.

What is Speed Pack?

Speedpack delivers significant speedup for JPEG 2000 part 1. For example on Intel Core processors, running on 64-bit operating systems, version KDU-S7.5 achieves significant speedups for decompression and compression, ranging from around...

Who has access to product source code?

Source code access is available only to the nominated technical and billing contacts of a Kakadu Software license.

How much does Kakadu Software cost?

You can contact one of our team at to get a quote.

How can I reset my password?

By hovering your mouse of the Login tab of our website you can select “Forgot Password?” and reset you password.  If you are unable to reset your password this way...