Speedpack delivers significant speedup for JPEG 2000 part 1. For example on Intel Core processors, running on 64-bit operating systems, version KDU-S7.5 achieves significant speedups for decompression and compression, ranging from around 30% to 60% in comparison with the regular Kakadu version KDU-7.5. On the Haswell architecture with AVX2 and BMI2 instruction support, KDU-S7.5 achieves typical speedups of ~49% (decompression) and ~57% (compression) over regular KDU-7.5, even though regular KDU-7.5 has already been enhanced with extensive exploitation of AVX and AVX2 technologies. These speedups are about 10% higher than were achieved with KDU-S7.4, which is due primarily to the exploitation of AVX2 and BMI2. Note, however, that to access these latest capabilities on Windows platforms, you will need to use Visual Studio 2012 or later, even though speed-pack libraries and build environments are provided for VS2010. View Speed Pack VS7 comparative performance results here.