Version 7.3.2

Version 7.3.2

The main reason for this release is to fix a tiny, yet potentially serious bug accidentally introduced into KDU-7.3 while allowing precinct allocation to proceed in a different thread from other core codestream maintainance functions, without acquiring a critical section.  The bug had nothing to do with the added functionality, but represents 2 lines from an intermediate version of the code that were accidentally not purged.

 In addition to the above, this version has the following enhancements:

   a) Additional accelerations for the resampling functions that are used within `kdu_region_decompressor' to map all image components to a desired target resolution.  The resampling logic can represent a bottlneck on systems with a large number of CPU's since it proceeds in a single thread -- especially relevant when rendering video with sub-sampled chrominance components.

   b) The XCODE builds now target OSX10.8 at the platform level (not just building against the 10.8 SDK) and this exposed some deprecated file-system related functions within "kdu_macshow".  These deprecated functions relate to the low level FSRef type; we have substituted them with methods based on NSURL that is now the preferred interface for file system functionality.  These fixes, together with the gesture recognition that was added in version 7.3.1, leave "kdu_macshow" in a position where it can most likely be ported to iOS with considerable ease -- however we have not tried this ourselves.

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