Version 4.5

Version 4.5

1) Support for rendering, scaling, rotating and compositing Motion JPEG2000 video tracks in `kdu_region_compositor'.

 2) The above features are partially demonstrated by new video playback facilities in "kdu_show", which can now browse JP2, JPX, MJ2 and raw codestream files.

3) Expanded the "kdu_merge" demo application to support writing of both JPX and MJ2 file types, based on one or more JP2/JPX/MJ2 input files.  The new capabilities include the ability to stitch MJ2 tracks from one or more files, to write multiple MJ2 tracks, to create MJ2 tracks from any mixture of still frame and video input, based on any of the accepted input file types, and the ability to create interlaced video tracks based on still images representing  the individual fields -- note, however, that "kdu_show" will currently only play the first field (correctly scaled) of each frame in an interlaced track.  These features give you new ways to create MJ2 files and hence VIX files, starting from still pictures rather than existing video massaged into a VIX file -- VIX files, although mindbogglingly simple, had created some confusion for newcomers.

4) Replaced nearest neighbour interpolation with an efficient bilinear interpolation for the case where `kdu_region_decompressor' is required to use non-integer rational expansion factors.  This improves the viewing experience in "kdu_show" (or more generally any application built on `kdu_region_compositor') when working with complex composited imagery, where all composition layers cannot simultaneously be rendered at a native size.

5) Kakadu now provides everything needed to internationalize or otherwise customize all of the text printed by error or warning messages.  This is done in a manner which is platform independent  and fully compatible with earlier usage of the `kdu_error' and `kdu_warning' services.  All original text is kept in the source files in essentially the same way as before, but may optionally be compiled out so as to rely upon a text registry.  A new tool, "kdu_text_extractor" is provided to automatically generate separate source files which can be included in the target application to register all the original text which is compiled out in this way. You can then create new versions of these generated files with translated (partially or fully) or otherwise customized versions of the text.  Translations can use UTF-8 or UTF-16 (Unicode) character sets, or any mixture of the two.  The textual aspects of all re-usable components (i.e., everything except demo code) has been prepared for extraction and translation using these tools.

6) Some minor bug fixes

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