Version 4.4

Version 4.4

1) Support for arbitrary scaling factors has been introduced into       `kdu_region_decompressor' and `kdu_region_compositor'.  This means that you can compose, colour transform and alpha blend  codestream image components which have arbitrarily related sizes.       This is specifically required to fully support the JPX file format.

2) New facilities to derive region-based progress information for  JPIP remote browsing applications -- demonstrated by a new       progress indicator in "kdu_show" when used for JPIP browsing.

3) Full support for fragmented and linked codestreams, represented  by JPX fragment table boxes.  Amongst other things, this allows codestream data to be stored in a different file to that which describes a JPX composition or animation.  Useful for creating presentations, albums, etc. while keeping original content  separately from the presentation file.  Such files are correctly handled by all Kakadu demo applications and the changes required to bring this support into existing applications are either nil or       minuscule (at most one changed function call and renaming one class in the worst case).  Presentations with externally linked codestreams are correctly distributed by the "kdu_server" tool using efficient JPIP streaming equivalents.

4) Fixed a number of minor bugs.  At the time of release, there are no known bugs in Kakadu.

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