Version 4.2

Version 4.2

1) JPIP client-server components extended to fully support JPX

  •  efficient interactive remote browsing of complex JPX images with any number of compositing layers, codestreams and animation   frames, with different scale factors, cropping and placement.
  • efficient delivery of all metadata (text labels, XML, etc.) which is relevant to the current view window, while avoiding the delivery of any metadata which is not relevant.  Employs a useful sequencing heuristic to interleave the delivery of spatially sensitive metadata with imagery, in a manner which depends on the apparentsize of the region to which the metadata applies, at the current viewing resolution.

2) Dramatic speedups for heavily tiled images - this is achieved by changing the internal implementation of `kdu_params' to avoid linear list searching and allocation of  storage for redundant parameters.  Images with a very large number    of tiles can now be compressed and decompressed much faster, with speedup factors of more than 10 in some cases.  In this way, the compression and decompression times for tiled images are now substantially the same as for untiled images, except for very small tile sizes (e.g., smaller than 256x256).

3) SIMD speed-ups for the UltraSparc (VIS instruction set) and the PowerPC (Altivec instruction set), to mirror the wavelet colou transform speedups previously only available for Intel processors (MMX instruction set).  The Altivec code was originally contributed by Monroe Williams.

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