Version 4.1

Version 4.1

1) All new, extensive support for JPX files, including the ability to read and write all aspects of virtually all interesting JPX files, excepting only fragment tables and cross reference boxes (will be added next time around).  Full support for: multiple codestreams; multiple compositing layers; complex compositions and animations; all the JPX enumerated colour spaces; unrestricted ICC profiles; complex colour conversion with application-controllable quality/complexity/gamut tradeoffs; extensive and efficient       metadata management facilities through a scale-space hierarchy; built for complete compatibility with dynamic remote browsing applications based around JPIP (no trivial matter, considering that  data may become available asynchronously and out of order).

2) A new, very powerful high level object, `kdu_region_compositor'.  This object absorbs virtually all of the non-GUI related machinery  of "kdu_show" into a platform-independent component, while adding a great deal more functionality.  Full support for: image composition; animations; efficient alpha blending; interactive roaming within the image with minimal recourse to decompression of new content as it enters the picture; scaling; rotation; metadata overlays (customizable by the application); efficient context-dependent metadata searches; etc.

3) A new tool, "kdu_merge", for creating rich JPX content by merging, recombining and referencing contents from existing JP2, JPX or MJ2 files.  Allows the insertion of video clips, alpha-blended imagery  over background, etc, etc.

4) Many new features for "kdu_show", building upon the capabilities of he new `kdu_region_compositor' object.  Supports rich navigation  through complex JPX files, metadata editing, control of metadata overlays for region-sensitive metadata, dynamic text labeling, etc.

5) A number of minor bug fixes and interface enhancements (see the usual "Updates.txt" log which comes with the license).

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