Speed test

Due to the impending release of the Kakadu SpeedPack VS7 software we have now added indicative speed test results for review. Please view the comparison between the V6.4.1 SDK, V7 SDK, VS6.3.1and VS7_0 via the link below.

View SpeedPack VS7 Comparative performance results here.

VS7 will be licenced under a new simpler licence structure, please contact our team on Sales@kakadusoftware.com for details

Version S6.3.1 Speed Pack

Version S6.3.1 Speed Pack option provides an entirely new implementation strategy for the core block decoding algorithm, as well as a new implementation structure for the wavelet transform.

These features allow licensees of the speed-pack version to provide end-to-end speedups of 40% to 50% in decompression/rendering applications and speedups of 45% to 65% in compression applications, relative to earlier versions of Kakadu.

View comparative  Encode  performance results here

View comparative  Decode  performance results here

Real-time software rendering of digital cinema content, for example, is now well and truly within reach on high end computing platforms.

Moreover, high quality (but less than perfect) renderings of digital cinema content are now possible on less powerful machines, with the aid of the bit-stream truncation option mentioned under item (5) in the release notes.

To license the Kakadu speed-pack, you must first have a commercial license to Kakadu v6.0 (or higher).

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