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Darren Gallipeau, Product Manager at Digital Rapids

The Kakadu developer toolkit has enabled us to integrate robust JPEG2000 video format support into our media transformation solutions… meeting the requirements  of our top-tier media and entertainment and archive customers
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Peter Gray, National Library of Australia

Kakadu Software is an essential component in the creation,  maintenance, and delivery of J2K images in the NLA’s Digital  Collections Management and Delivery systems
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Jim Reid, Xerox

Based on my analysis on all the JPEG 2000 implementations out there, Kakadu is *by far* the best solution
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I know of no other software that provides the sophisticated access to the code stream that allows for the quick decompression of random portions of the image in an efficient way. The code is industrial strength, providing the most robust implementation...
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Sean Doyle, VP Engineering

Kakadu is a well-crafted framework for efficiently compressing, decompressing, and transcoding images using JPEG 2000. It’s both a flexible library and a deep tutorial in image encoding
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