Kakadu Software SDK and SpeedPack v7.6 now available

Kakadu Software is pleased to announce the release of version 7.6 of both the regular SDK and SpeedPack. This release is strongly focussed on mobile applications, providing just about all the enhancements one could wish for to build high quality mobile applications based on Kakadu Software. While not included with this release, we have developed an IOS application that does pretty much everything that kdu_macshow/kdu_winshow does, plus quite a bit more.  This application is highly responsive even on older low-end iPhone/iPad devices and even when working with huge source images, animations, etc. V7.6 has been automatically released via email to all annual licensees and non-commercial named users, while VS7.6 has been released to all annual license holders of the SpeedPack. If you have not recieved the update or are interested in the latest version please contact our team. Regards, Kakadu Software Team
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