Kakadu SDK Version 7.6 Released

The version 7 SDK represents a material change to previous versions of Kakadu Software and is a major new piece of code, representing an opportunity for increasing the capability of applications with JPEG 2000.

The new code represents increased speed and functionality with a focus on efficient multi-threading and addition of many new features such as better JPIP support, meta data browsing and animation.

New features include:

  • Enhancements for mobile applications
  • More efficient multi-threading improving performance and scaling with multiple CPU cores
  • Inclusion of many new features, including better JPIP support, JP files, metadata browsing and animation
  • Improved demonstration executables, with more features, including “kdu_show” which now offers identical functionality on Windows and MAC platforms

A full list of the functionality of this new code can be found in the overview file accompanying the software and on our website.

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