The executables available here are made available for demonstration purposes only. Neither the author, Professor Taubman, nor Kakadu Software Pty Ltd accept any liability arising from their use or re-distribution. These may not be deployed in any system, project nor used to compress or decompress imagery other than to demonstrate the software. You need to contact the Kakadu Team if you wish to use these executables in your library, business or in any other manner.

The executables here are compiled for 64-bit target platforms; 32-bit binaries can be built from licensed copies of the SDK. Binaries compiled against the Kakadu Speed Pack execute significantly faster. For example execution speeds, refer to the tables here.

Copyright is owned by Kakadu Software Pty Limited, based in Sydney. You are free to trial these executables and even to re-distribute them, so long as such use or re-distribution is accompanied with this copyright notice and is not for commercial gain. These are for provided for demonstration purposes only and any other use requires a licence from Kakadu Software Pty Ltd. If in doubt please contact the Kakadu Team at

Notice: By clicking on the download links on this page you are acknowledging and accepting these terms and conditions.

Win64 Download:
(current with Version 8.0.5 — Last updated 2nd June 2020)

WIN64 Executables

Build using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for 64-bit windows. Kakadu ships with build environments for MSVC 2015 and 2017.   This build should at least run on Windows 7 and above.

Note: Unfortunately, Windows systems require you to explicitly uninstall any earlier copy of the Kakadu demo apps first. This can be done via the “Control Panel”, under the “Add/Remove Programs” item (or the “Programs and Features” item).

Mac Download:

(current with Version 8.0.5 — Last updated 2nd June 2020)

MacOS 10.11

Built using Xcode 11 for MacOS 10.11 and above.

Note: The disk image, installer and executables are all Developer-signed and notarized.

Current and future versions of these executables are installed under /Library/Kakadu and can be fully uninstalled by running “sudo sh” from the within the relevant sub-directory.

Linux Download:

(current with Version 8.0.5 — Last updated 2nd June 2020)

64-bit Linux Executables

Built on Centos 7 using GCC 4.8.5

Note: these do not include the “kdu_show” application, which involves some platform dependent code.

Other Platforms:

The Kakadu software tools are platform independent.

Only some aspects of the interactive “kdu_show” application contain platform-specific elements, but that’s all. Even in this application, all of the interesting tasks are performed by platform-independent code.

Developers should find the tools equally useful regardless of their preferred development or target platform.

Licensed copies of the source come with Makefiles which have been tested on a variety of platforms with gcc.

Licensed copies also come with a full set of Java native bindings, allowing platform dependent aspects of a viewer or networked application to be abstracted in Java, without sacrificing the power and speed of Kakadu. Licensed copies also come with a full set of bindings for C# and VB developers.

Notice: Copyrights on all original content held by Dr. David Taubman all rights reserved.

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