Kakadu is a complete implementation of the JPEG2000 standard, Part 1, — i.e., ISO/IEC 15444-1.

 JPEG2000 Interactive Image Browsing with Kakadu Installation steps:

Install the “kdu_show” application v7.1 or later on your Windows or Mac OSX platform.

Try out the following links, using iExplorer or Safari. Alternatively, you can open kdu_show and use the File Open URL dialog to enter the URLs embedded in the links below.

 JPIP Interactive Browsing Links:

(NB: If these do not work, I might need to restart the server on the machine I use to serve them e.g., after a power failure. You can always run your own copy of the client/server tools in your local environment to test it all out).

Read about JPIP (JPEG2000 Internet Protocol) and the Kakadu implementation.

Download User Manual for kdu_show

 What can you do? – JPEG2000 and Kakadu offer a very rich and powerful remote browsing experience. You can zoom in and out (try the ctrl-z/cmd-z and shift-ctrl-z/shift-cmd-z keys); you can pan around; you can define focus boxes which you pan around, shrink, widen, etc.; you can browse via the metadata catalog sidebar (JPX images) or via the imagery window; you can click on metadata categories to have the imagery window show you the regions whose metadata belongs to those categories; you can navigate through ontologies via links in the metadata catalog; you can advance the view from frame to frame in the imagery window or via the metadata catalog for multi-frame sources; you can save whatever you have browsed so far to a local file; you can open up a new window of interest (ctrl-D/cmd-D) into the remote file which shares all locally cached content with the first view (of course you can open many such views and maintain separate focus boxes in each); and much, much more.

Image Descriptions:

Note: you should use version 6.4 of “kdu_show” (“kdu_macshow” or “kdu_winshow”) for the best possible browsing experience, especially with the images that contain rich region-of-interest metadata markup.

Demo image links:
Meteora 1644×15840 digital panorama from Meteora in northern Greece Picture courtesy of David Singer; Copyright 2002 Look for the monasteries on top of the hills; the town down to the left is Kalambaka
Wharf-3 1966×2944 image taken at the fish markets in Sydney, Australia
Boat-2 2954×1976 image taken at the fish markets in Sydney, Australia
Yosemite-1 1393×2068 image taken in Yosemite National Park, California
Yosemite-2 2035×1401 image taken in Yosemite National Park, California
Napa 2114×1408 image taken in the Napa Valley, California
Rome-2 2111×1411 image taken in Rome, Italy


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