The Kakadu software has been written specifically with a variety of different types of applications in mind. These include:

Image and volume compression:
Compression of image files in a variety of formats is demonstrated by the “kdu_compress” utility. You can now compress truly massive images (tera-pixels and up) in fragments. You can also compress medical volumes with or without advanced multi-component transforms.

Image and volume decompression/rendering:
Streaming decompression of a JPEG2000 code-stream to an output image file is demonstrated by the “kdu_expand” utility. Dead easy decompression and rendering of just about any JPEG2000 source (raw codestream, JP2 file, JPX compositing layer, JPX animation frame or MJ2 video frame) to a memory buffer is demonstrated by the kdu_render utility.

Transcoding between related representations:
Many of the transcoding operations which are natural in the context of JPEG2000 are demonstrated by the “kdu_transcode” utility.

Interactive rendering applications:
Interactive (or non-linear) decompression and rendering to display are demonstrated by the “kdu_show” utility. It can interactively render everything from still images, to medical image volumes, animations with complex blending of dynamically sized sprites, metadata overlays and motion video.

Client-server applications:
The Kakadu tools offer extensive support for interactive client-server applications, implementing most features of the new JPIP (JPEG2000 Internet Protocols) standard, which has recently been advanced to the FCD (Final Committee Draft) stage by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1 (ISO?s ?JPEG? working group).

The “kdu_server” and “kdu_show” utilties provide a comprehensive demonstration of the interactive browsing capabilities of the new standard. They can be used to efficiently browse everything from a single image, to a complex multi-image composition, medical volumes with metadata markup, and much more.

Digital Cinema applications:
The Kakadu tools offer substantial support for Motion JPEG2000 content generation, editing and rendering, as demonstrated by the demo applications kdu_v_compress, kdu_v_expand, kdu_merge and kdu_show.

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